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Oganisyan Vrezh

I'm Oganisyan Vrezh, a software engineer, lecturer, and rebel. Here I write about education, management, and the art of non-conformity.

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I know Vrezh since 2017 when he joined an internship program at Armenian Code Academy(ACA), where he was the best student in a group of 20 which we formed out of 1000 applicants. Despite that the course was on front-end development, Vrezh implemented a strong backend architecture using Node.JS during his final project.

After gaining experience in the industry, in 2019 Vrezh started tutoring at ACA as a teaching assistant, conducting seminars, and doing code review for both complete newbies and students with some experience in JavaScript. The satisfaction level of students was among the highest, and currently, we have allocated a full JS Course to Vrezh (both seminars and lectures).

I’m very excited to work with Vrezh both as a professional and as a friend. His devotion to project, company and values are among the highest I’ve ever met!

Karen Sharafyan


Period • 2017 - ongoing

Our company has been working on a complex multimedia web project that required a lot of effort, required constant changes and coordination, and non-conventional solutions “beyond the box”. Besides, we had to do all this in a short period of time.

We were lucky to have Vrezh as our partner. He is competent, always delves into the problem, and suggests solutions. He is responsive, friendly, and calm. He was always willing to accept the necessary changes, thoughtfully implemented them without engaging into lengthy discussions. Vrezh managed to make this difficult process stress-free and concentrated on the output. It was impressive and simply great.

Thank you, Vrezh!

Konstantin Geodakian

Technical Director at Media Initiatives Center

Period • March — September  2019

Vrezh is a very creative and clever person who is never afraid of challenging tasks. I’ve been working with him for almost 2 years in several projects, and he has always met the deadlines with high quality and interesting solutions. He's a very kind and sociable person and it's a pleasure to work with him.

In addition, he's a great team player who enjoys helping his team members.

Anna Grigoryan

Project Manager at Simply Technologies

Period • January 2019 - ongoing

Vrezh is highly motivated and motivates others to work hard. He is comprehensively developed and explains difficult things very easily. It is a really pleasure to work with him.

Yervand Stepanyan

Student at ACA

Period • August 2019 — March 2020

Good lecturer and mentor. Vrezh is be able to find a way out of any situation at the expense of his deep knowledge. A professional in his field, which is worth following.

Hovhannes Tonoyan

Student at ACA

Period • August 2019 — March 2020

Vrezh is a young professional, always doing his job on a top level and what I value the most, he continues expanding his knowledge every day and keeps learning very advanced topics, which has a big impact for us, his colleagues, as we can learn many stuff from him.

Mihran Sahakyan

Intern (currently Software Engineer) at Simply Technologies

Period • July — September 2019

Vrezh is a good specialist who manages to motivate work perfectly. He is ready to help at any time in case of any problem.

Gor Meshinyan

Student at ACA

Period • August 2019 — March 2020

We were working with Vrezh during his internship program in Armenian Code Academy. His infinte love to new knowledge, combined with extraordinary learning skills, helped him not only to master React internship, but also build a complete application with React and Nodejs. It was my pleasure to work with him.

Gevorg Topikyan

Co-founder at Haffo

Period • june - august 2018