About Me

Vrezh Oganisyan

I’m Vrezh, Software Engineer and Lecturer with a keen interest in design, management and education.

As a Software Engineer I am working a lot with Javascript (React, Node.js and ecosystem). I have experience with designing big and scalable applications.

As a Teacher, I have been lecturing and mentoring more than 50 students during different courses and internship programs and most of them now working as a software Engineers.



    Left ACA and started Sabbatical 🏝
    After almost 2 years of exciting time, I decided to leave ACA and have some rest.

    I always dreamt about sabbatical and my dream came true.
    Joined TopTal 👨🏻‍💻
    I have joined TopTal1 talents network through challenging 3 step interview process. You can read about my journey in the following article.

    1 Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.
    Started Weight Loss Challenge 🥑
    I lost ~15kg during 8 months of 2022 and:
    • - Brought my BMI index to healthy points
    • - Learnt a lot about nutrition and health
    Sport as a habit 🏋🏻‍♂️
    I'm now visiting gym for 7 months (min 3 times per week) and I enjoy it a lot.

    Recently I'm also taking tennis classes 🎾 (min 1 time per week).
    Explored new places ✈️
    I visited major Armenian, Georgian (Tbilisi, Batumi), and Russian (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg) cities and had really great experiences.


    Obtained a Master's Degree in Psychology 🎓
    I've obtained Master's Degree in Human Psychology and the topic of my thesis was "Internet Addiction". I hope I will publish the article in one of journals so you can read it.
    Speaker at Dev Fest 📣
    I had a talk regarding education in Armenia in Vanadzor. See more.
    Speaker at BarCamp Gyumri 📣
    Started Tech for Non-tech Course and taught 200+ people
    I've taught Tech for Non-Tech course for more than 200 students. Included:
    Speaker at BarCamp Vanadzor 📣
    Launched Frontend BootCamp with ACA
    We've started Frontend BootCamp with ISA agreement and taught 45+ people. As a result we have around 70% rate of employment for different IT companies.

    Included: Krisp, SoloLearn, SoftConstruct, MentorCliq, Innoma.
    Speaker at BarCamp Dilijan 📣
    Launched HyeBox
    My brother and I developed and launched HyeBox website.
    Launched aca.am
    Launched aca.am website.
    Speaker at Tech Week in Artsakh 📣
    Taught Advanced Frontend Course
    Frontend Course for 15+ people.
    use-react-screenshot Become Popular 🎊
    `use-react-screenshot`is library I created back in the 2019. Now it's become popular and around 1500+ people using it weekly.
    Created use-react-countries open-source Library
    `use-react-countries` is a open-source tiny fully customizable react library(hook) which gives you full list of countries with their flags, emojis, country calling codes, postal codes and many more...
    Had a webinar 'How to choose a programming language'
    I've hosted a webinar on picking a programming infrastructure with 100+ people.
Started Series of Articles 'Unpopular Opinion'
Unpopular Opinions' is a series of controversial articles which tries to open a dialogue regarding different traditional views on life, education, management. (Find them on blog.)


    Joined Armenian Code Academy as a CTO
    I joined Armenian Code Academy team as a Chief Technology Officer and Principal Lecturer.
    Launched Blog
    I launched this blog during the quarantine and wrote articles I was planning to write for years.
    Taught Frontend Developer Course
    Armenian Code Academy invited me to create and lead my own Advanced Frontend Developer Course (6 months). I taught more than 20 students and some of them are working as a Frontend Engineers in different companies.


    Joined Armenian Code Academy as a TA
    Armenian Code Academy invited me to join their team as a Teacher Assistant during the 6 months Advanced Javascript Course. I was leading seminars and helping students with coding.
    Mentored Internship program at Simply Technologies
    Simply Technologies organized an Internship program and I was selected as a mentor. I was leading the team of four trainees during their learning process and reviewing code of their final project.
    Started Masters of Human Psychology
    Past years I was really interested in Psychology and Neurobiology so I decided to take Masters in this field.
    Interview Experience
    I have interviewed a lot of Junior Developers and created my list of questions and tasks for interview process.
    Moscow Urban.Tech
    With the team of friends I've won "Moscow Urban.Tech" hackaton in Armenia.


    Joined Simply Technologies
    I joined Simply Technologies great team as a Junior Frontend Developer. I was writing code a loooooot.
    Internship at Armenian Code Academy
    I was selected to internship program (technical and hr interviews) among 800 applicants. I was learning Frontend Development for 6 months with really great lecturers who taught me how to code and how to love programming.
    Graduated from University 👨🏻‍🎓
    As I've mentioned I had really hard times at the beginning of the journey but at the end I managed to cope with all difficulties. I consider graduation as one of the best achievements in my life.