What I use?


  • MacBook Pro 13” with M1 (ex 15.4”)
  • No extra monitor because it makes harder the process of working from anywhere.
  • iPhone 12 (I don't like its size so I’d recommend looking for smth bigger)
  • AirPods Pro (I’m in love with noise cancellation mode and you’re going to)
  • Tons of type-c => * connectors

Coding Tools

  • VSCode | Light Theme
  • Terminal: zsh / powerlevel10k

Productivity Tools and Apps

  • Pocket for saving and reading articles
  • iPad (as a Reader, but will switch to kindle very soon)
  • Notion (for notes regarding everything starting from the grocery list and ending with startup plans)


  • Slack for communication
  • Google Classroom for keeping all the content
  • Google Drive for storing and publishing video content
  • Google Doc for the course syllabus and homework
  • Github Gist for small chunks of code or tasks
  • repl.it — sharing small chunks of code
  • codesandbox.io — for very fast react and next.js applications