🧠 Google Project Management Course Review

Vrezh Oganisyan

Vrezh Oganisyan / February 27, 2022

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Table of Contents

The Course

Recently I've completed 4-month long journey of becoming Google Certified Professional in Project Management. It was both challenging and rewarding. I learned a lot about Management History, Practices, and Frameworks.

Here is the complete review of the certification process 👇

Course Structure

The certification consists of 6 different sub courses:

  1. Foundations of Project Management

    This course is the first in a series of six to equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level roles in project management.

  2. Project Initiation: Starting a Successfull Project

    This course will show you how to set a project up for success in the first phase of the project life cycle: the project initiation phase. In exploring the key components of this phase, you’ll learn how to define and manage project goals, deliverables, scope, and success criteria.

  3. Project Planning: Putting it All Together

    This course will explore how to map out a project in the second phase of the project life cycle: the project planning phase. You will examine the key components of a project plan, how to make accurate time estimates, and how to set milestones.

  4. Project Execution: Running the Project

    This course will delve into the execution and closing phases of the project life cycle. You will learn what aspects of a project to track and how to track them. You will also learn how to effectively manage and communicate changes, dependencies, and risks.

  5. Agile Project Management. Scrum

    This course will explore the history, approach, and philosophy of Agile project management, including the Scrum framework. You will learn how to differentiate and blend Agile and other project management approaches. As you progress through the course, you will learn more about Scrum, exploring its pillars and values and comparing essential Scrum team roles.

  6. Capstone: Applying Project Management in the Real World

    The hardest one to pass. This one consists of 8 peer-graded assignments where you are going to set up the project from the idea till the closing surveys and presentations.

    By the end of this course, you will have developed a portfolio of project management artifacts that will demonstrate the skills you have learned throughout the entire program, such as your ability to manage stakeholders and teams, organize plans, and communicate project details.


  1. What is the duration of the course?

    The course is self-paced and you can complete it as you go. It took me 4 months (not intensive) with a full-time job and reading books (3-4) to complete the course.

  2. What is the price of the course?

    $39 per month ($156 in total in my case)

  3. I'm beginner. What about me?

    Beginners can apply and complete the course, but it'd be better if you already have some experience. It'll help to understand why course emphasizes some topics and apply knowledge in the real life.

  4. I'm technical manager. Any valuable info for me?

    YES! The course is a great opportunity for tech people to improve managerial skills, cope better with daily routines of the team, and understand better Project Management best-practices.

Afterward Benefits

  1. Gain exclusive access to the Coursera Job Platform
  2. Build your resume, participate in mock interviews, and receive job search tips through Big Interview. Free for program graduates ($79/month value).
  3. Receive 40% off on the globally recognized Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification from Scrum.org
  4. Receive exclusive discounts and career resources from the Project Management Institute (PMI)


  1. Credly — Google PM
  2. Coursera — Google PM
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