🎅 2022 in Review

Vrezh Oganisyan

Vrezh Oganisyan / December 31, 2022

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2022 is a year of sabbatical and awareness.

Here's the small review of my year. ⤵️

Table of contents


Here's the small timeline of things I've achieved during the year.


    Left ACA and started Sabbatical 🏝
    After almost 2 years of exciting time, I decided to leave ACA and have some rest.

    I always dreamt about sabbatical and my dream came true.
    Joined TopTal 👨🏻‍💻
    I have joined TopTal1 talents network through challenging 3 step interview process. You can read about my journey in the following article.

    1 Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.
    Started Weight Loss Challenge 🥑
    I lost ~15kg during 8 months of 2022 and:
    • - Brought my BMI index to healthy points
    • - Learnt a lot about nutrition and health
    Sport as a habit 🏋🏻‍♂️
    I'm now visiting gym for 7 months (min 3 times per week) and I enjoy it a lot.

    Recently I'm also taking tennis classes 🎾 (min 1 time per week).
    Explored new places ✈️
    I visited major Armenian, Georgian (Tbilisi, Batumi), and Russian (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg) cities and had really great experiences.

Book of the year

Scott Adams's "From 0 to 1" "How to fail at almost anything and still win big" is a must read if you are in search of meanings.

Scott tells the story of his life and struggles: starting from the bottom till setting up the life he enjoys.


See other great books I read:

  • Check
    The happiness trap
    Russ Harris
  • Check
    Управление проектами, людьми и собой
    Николай Товеровский
  • Check
    The new one minute manager
    Ken Blanchard
  • Check
    The Lean Startup
    Eric Ries
  • Check
    Overcoming Binge Eating
    Christopher Fairburn
  • Check
    When I say no, I feel Guilty
    Manuel J. Smith
  • Check
    How to fail at almost anything and still win big
    Scott Adams
  • Check
    Can’t hurt me
    David Goggins
  • Check
    Anxiety Free
    Robert L. Leahy
  • Check
    Хрупкие Люди
    Юлия Пирумова
  • Check
    Glucose Revolution
    Jessie Inchauspe

Movie of The Year

You might think that King Richard is just a tribute to Williams's sisters journey and nothing more.

I just ask to not judge a movie by its cover and give it a try.


Beautiful story of struggles and dreams of Williams family and surely Will Smith's genius is going to make you speechless after watching.

Other recommendations:

  • Coda
  • Amsterdam
  • The Northman

See the list of all movies I watch on LetterBox

TV-Show of the year

Wednesday by Netflix is a new take on an old story seasoned with a subtle humor.

Fascinating camera work and marvelous Jenna Ortega playing the role of a young sociopath is just another level of art.


Other recommendations:

  • House of the Dragon
  • Ted Lasso

See the list of all tv-shows I watched on MyShows

Course of the year

Жопа by Evan Zamesin is definitely the course of the year for me.

I think 2022 doesn't require much of a description. It's just a Жопа.

Achievement of the year

Driver License.

  • Theory

    Just take varord.am's course. It has everything you need to prepare.

  • Driving

    Just practice and avoid fastdrive's course. Their drivers are qyart and sexist.

Memory of the year

Leo Andrés Messi. World Cup. Qatar.


Image of the year

Sevan (Shorzha). 6am. Me.

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