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Vrezh Oganisyan

Vrezh Oganisyan / February 11, 2022

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Today I turned 24. Usually, people of my age share lessons they learned at they b-day. I won't be an exception and here is my lessons (oops, lesson!) ⤵️


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If there is one truth I learned at my 24 is that awareness matters the most: via meditation, mindfulness, or even basic breathing practices.


Studies [1 / 2 / 3] show that mindfulness practices can help you to be calmer about the decisions you make even under the stress, be happier and see beauty around.

Every time I bring more awareness to my life, the overall quality of life changes. I become happier and less stressed, I sleep much better and calmer, waking up energized (tracking sleep and stress level via mi band or any other smart-watch can help to measure).


Most of my friends and colleagues are complaining that they don't know how to rest.

Awareness techniques are the first steps to give yourself a better treat both mentally and physically. They help to explore true desires and find the activities that help you to rest.


Note, that

  1. Some of the practices might sound hard at first glance, don't fall into that trap. Use links bellow to find out more about practices for beginners and how to bring them to your life.
  2. Spend as much time, as you feel like even if it is 5 minutes daily.
  3. Regularity is key. Awareness is not a one-time thing. Don't even hope.
  4. Although awareness brings calmness and joy to your life very fast, people with anxiety issues might wait for the results a bit longer.

how to

Here is the list of applications, videos, and books I use and re-use to bring awareness to my routine.


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