😈 Unpopular opinion. Ep 3

Vrezh Oganisyan

Vrezh Oganisyan / December 8, 2021

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Ep 3: University Education is Important!


One might argue that we can find a job and build a great career even without one. But I don't see universities' main goal to help you find a job or master JS basics (youtube videos are doing it 😏).

University helps you to master and improve the following skills: ‡️

πŸŽ“ 1. Academic approach for learning and executing. Youtube videos might help you learn some basics regarding technologies, but they are not digging enough as a result we have specialists who don’t know how to approach complex problems which require deep analysis.

As a result, we don’t go further than google’s first page of results. As a result, we have bunch of coders who acknowledge β€œEngineer” just as a LinkedIn status.

🌁 2. Big Picture. Higher education gives you the big picture about everything you are going to face during your professional career. Sometimes we think that it’s not important, but lately facing issues regarding different domains, we are able to dive deep into the topic really fast.

Maybe I didn’t need those lessons of Calculus and Philosophy when I was 18, but now (when I’m 23) they help me to be a better engineer, a better manager, and a human.

🧐 3. Fundamental Knowledge shows its importance in the long term run. University gives deep fundamental knowledge regarding Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics, and Math. Sometimes they are not enough to find a job, but these skills create huge potential which you can turn into a career (with intensive courses, YouTube videos, etc) later. Maybe in short term, people, who started earlier without fundamental knowledge, might outstrip university graduates, but in the long-term run, they had no chance.

πŸ”₯ People who think that they don’t need higher education, are receiving tasks corresponding to their competence and will never be able to understand where they are going to be needed.

P.S. I want to dedicate this post to all my university teachers. They were right about almost anything. I was a fool to think that I'm smarter. πŸ™πŸ»

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